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The first one was about Law and Order (and both comedians featured an Ice-T impression) and the second one is about being a little boy.

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I watched a Jay Mohr stand-up special last night.  It was awesome.

I’m watching one with someone named John Mulaney.  It is also awesome.

I’ve noticed something, so far in the specials, the two have made almost the same joke.  From different perspectives, but it’s the same (very specific) topic.


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Really excited to try out this strawberry cough!!

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Why am I awake?

Now Ozzy is on.  This is not a bad thing.

Am deeply considering buying a car, the money seems like it’s going to line up wonderfully for me.

Is this what getting my shit together entails?

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This Godflesh album is utterly phenomenal if you’re into like, super dark, slow, deathy stuff.


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"I deleted your texts but I still remember exactly what they said"
- midnight thoughts of a broken heart (via reality-escape-artist)

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Saw Motley Crue today.

Went and saw The Everymen at prop, too.

Good night with good music, but that drink isn’t sitting well. :(

Oh well, time to jump into oblivion.