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Man, I really wonder what’s gotten into me lately.

I’m sleeping worse than usual, I’m getting more and more irritable.

Also I’m becoming more cognisent of the fact that I really should just not trust anybody, because I’m obscenely tired of being stabbed in the back repeatedly.

Fucking shit, man.

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I’m done.

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So tired of being up and down.

Also, I bought Destiny tonight.  It is fun.

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Whatever I just smoked is making me really thinky.






Miley: “Dad I have something for Tanners bug collection”

my uncle: “that’s great”

Miley: “it’s a bird”

my uncle: “no its not”

-chirping noise-


They let it go and it flew away just fine, so we’re wondering how she caught it.


she caught another bird.


update: she caught a squirrel today


She is gonna rule the world one day with this power

Disney princess in training.


(via deathsinaugust)

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I have a hard time with my existence.

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t exist, like there’s something about me that just doesn’t belong.

Maybe that just comes with not understanding my place in the world.

I also feel like I’m gaining understanding that everybody else already had.

Where was mine?

Was my childhood really that repressive that I just ended up inside myself, completely oblivious of everything?